Turning Lives Around Through Environmental Regeneration, Fashion and the Arts
Tropical rewilding in Brazil - Atlantic Forest - Serra da Beleza.

Agro-Reforestation Project in partnership with EMATER- RIO - official environmental agency for the state of Rio de Janeiro
The Farm House

Welcome to Santo Adolfo and our Agro Reforestation Project in partnership with EMATER
A place of education in environmental concerns

Cristina’s family farm which thanks to the prompt action of the farmhand and his friends was spared from the devastating arson attack that took place this year , last September. The farm is now an island of green, in what was ‘registered’ as an area of conservation in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Cristina has already been successful in forging a partnership with the official environment conservation agency ‘Emater’ who is engaged in reforesting to encourage the return of birds and wildlife of the Mata Atlantica (Atlantic forest region) and create ‘green corridors’. This is a long term conservation project.

Cristina’s vision for her farm is that it will also be a place of education in environmental concerns, engaging with the local community and a destination for old and young alike to learn about their immediate environment.

Emater has also offered to set up workshops in existing outbuildings (in need of restoration) making handicrafts from bamboo that grows on the farm, much of which was replanted by Cristina on the riverbanks and roadside to counter effect the soil erosion in the rainy season.
Cristina Eastwood Fashion and Humanities
Colonial style house with a Swiss Chalet roof

Cristina Eastwood Fashion and Humanities

Family guard dog Argos on the Verandah
Cristina Eastwood Fashion and Humanities
The natural water pool

Bedroom with antique Jacaranda beds, vintage patchwork bedcovers, tapestry wall hangings, a carved Mexican yoke.

View from the natural water pool towards the currral Area 3 POMAR AGROFLORESTAL. Flowering Quaresmeiras.

Mango tree with ferns , anthuriums and a gardenia shrub

The dining room with traditional Norwegian furniture . Tapestry wall hanging by Januario.

Anthurium and ferns on and under the mango tree

Farm gate planted with wild ananas, monstera, Mulungu trees, palm trees, Palmito Juçara, eucaliptos.

Breakfast room and larder al fresco

Cristina Eastwood Fashion and Humanities
Bouganvilia, Manacá with two tone lavender and blue highly scented flowers, Quaresmeiras in bloom.

EMATER professionals Felipe Fernandes Engenheiro Florestal Nelson Pentagna Engenheiro agrônomo at the farm

Norwegian bed and furnishings with pewter objects, a Danish Designer lamp in total contrast to a collection of Brazilian naïf paintings and carvings

The planting pasture is on the other side of the barbed wire fence

Cristina Eastwood Fashion and Humanities
Estrelizia , tree ferns , embaúba , anthurium ,Bambu , monstera. Palmito Jussara embaúba, quaresmeiras.

The borders of the Brooks have been planted by me in a span of over 20 years. Bambú can be seen in the background.

I harvested a number of indigenous plants from my grandmothers Mata Atlantica way back, making sure always, that I did not impact on the natural propagation of these plants in the wild.

I salvaged an enormous number of begonias, tree ferns, ferns, Quaresma and Ipê saplings when the road was being enlarged prior to tarmacking.

Cristina Eastwood Fashion and Humanities
They were all planted on the borders of the Brooks.

The breakfast room - rural chintz table cloth

Vegetable garden by the Curral which is in need of restoration

Verandah with antique wrought iron utensils and soap stone carvings

Cristina Eastwood Fashion and Humanities

Garden seat - view from the verandah with red hibiscus flowers, the favourite, of all our humming birds.

Fence of the Curral with citrus trees - backdrop - pasture for future reforestation.

Paineira , espatosia , quaresmeiras palm trees , red salvias and red hibiscus

The borders of the Brooks with , tall paineira , quaresmeiras in bloom, espatosias with their orange flowers like exotic cockatoos.