Turning Lives Around Through Environmental Regeneration, Fashion and the Arts
Tropical rewilding in Brazil - Atlantic Forest - Serra da Beleza.

Agro-Reforestation Project in partnership with EMATER- RIO - official environmental agency for the state of Rio de Janeiro
Preparing the marsh area prior to planting the silver bananas ( banana-prata )
Bringing new skills to local people

The orchard project is particularly interesting as there is a multi faceted aspect. Jobs will be created fo the rural community engaged in making , jam, compotes and jelly.Wildlife and a plethora of exotic birds from the region ( ( Mata Atlantica ) will have a source of food.

The Pomar Agroflorestal will include Manioc , already planted and sprouting , and citrus EMATAR has offered to run workshops , providing a location in the vicinity of the farm , all the necessary utensils to teach the making of preserves, compotes and jams. They have observed that our indigenous bamboo is an excellent source for handicrafts . Additional teaching of new skills in basket making and handicrafts will create employment for the local community and participation in our long term project.
Cristina Eastwood Fashion and Humanities
Small Rural Property
Cristina Carneiro de Mendonca
Municipality of Valenca - Rio de Janeiro
District of Santa Isabel do Rio Preto
Professional technician forest Engeneer :Felipe Conceicao Elias Fernandes
Regeneration of the Original Atlantic Forest ( Mata Atlantica )
Introduction :

The agro e forest Engeneer professionals Felipe Conceicao and Nelson Pentagna visited the property in order to evaluate the areas available for the project and skills and availability of labour in order to implement the project .

A second visit took place after an exchange of ideas . The areas selected where divided in three a reforestation system was chosen for one area , the second an agroreforestation orchard behind the corral and a third Bananeiral in the marshy area . Silver bananas - Banana Prata -
Cristina Eastwood Fashion and Humanities
Cristina Eastwood Fashion and Humanities
The images here depict the marshy areas with the forest Engeneer Felipe Conceicao the farm hand Alair and a member of his team Marcos Henrique
Introduction :

The banana trees where supplied to us from EMBRAPA to EMATER The trees are one and a half years old.

In one years time we will have our first harvest of organic bananas I will start the process of securing an organic seal when I go to Brazil.

Bananas thrive in marshy moist areas.

The planting was done in the dry season
Cristina Eastwood Fashion and Humanities

Additional worker Botafogo - with his yellow boots!

Bananeiral - measuring - digging planting holes by hand - width and depth are quite specific.
The head of project is Philippe Fernandes.... from EMATAR.

The farm manager is Alair here , with his main helper Romário.
2020 Update

Here is our farm hand Alair standing by the banana prata trees (silver Bananas)that were Sourced by EMATER from EMBRAPA .

The original saplings were two years old , they are now 3 years old. In two years time we will be able to start harvesting the bananas .

A few more images of the Bananeiral.

Bunches of banana prata - the most popular everyday bananas, the ones we have planted - silver banana.

Banana Ouro, golden banana, at Waitrose they are marketed as " finger bananas ".