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Tropical rewilding in Brazil - Atlantic Forest - Serra da Beleza.

Agro-Reforestation Project in partnership with EMATER- RIO - official environmental agency for the state of Rio de Janeiro
Agro Reforestation

On September 13th of 2019 the Mirante da Serra da Beleza was set on fire burning during 4 days destroying a forest area covering 270 hectares . The devastation caused to the animals and the trees was immense . The process of regeneration of this spectacular area of natural beauty will take many years.

Before the fire.
Bringing harmony to the environment

Agro Reforestation is all about replanting the indigenous trees from the Atlantic Forest to bring back a rich variety of wildlife , birds , insects and animals into a naturally thriving environment.

This process will include the Agro plantation of pumpkin, taioba , silver bananas and manioc . The produce will be sold and reinvested to create jobs for the local community and sustainability for the farm The proceeds will be shared with the farm workers.

This is a long term visionary project that will reach its maturity in 20 years time.

There are a number of additional aims and objectives

. Creation of local employment
. A series of workshops in partnership with EMATER.
.Teaching of skills in basket making and handicrafts using existing bambu from the farm.
. Making of , jams , compotes and jellies from the tropical fruits in the Orchard.
. Educational
Right from the beginning the planting concept will include trails to enable visitors and school children to meander through the forest and tropical orchard for educational walks amongst the trees and the wildlife .

We are planning to provide accommodation for study groups , research teams and visitors to the farm.

For more information, Mongabay published a fascinating article in 2015 called Rainforests: 10 things to watch.

Cristina Carneiro de Mendonça.

EMATER consultants in the Agro Reforestation Project- Engenheiro Agrônomo Nelson Pentagna e Engenheiro Florestal Felipe Fernandes.