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Tropical rewilding in Brazil - Atlantic Forest - Serra da Beleza.

Agro-Reforestation Project in partnership with EMATER- RIO - official environmental agency for the state of Rio de Janeiro
Fauna and Flora
Celebrating the precious diversity of wildlife in the region.

A natural oasis was created by Cristina over many years. She replanted the borders and banks of the 3 brooks with-different varieties of bambu , three ferns , ferns, begonias , tropical foliage , Estrelizia, anthurium , Palmito Jussara, trees like quaresmeira , embaúba, jacarandá amidst many others.

The original aim was to stop the erosion of the land in the rainy season and to recreate the natural habit for the birds and wild animals.

The farm hand Alair , in residence for 28 years was guided by her to no longer cut the saplings of sprouting trees in the pasture and areas surrounding the farm house, two farm cottages and outbuildings , a chicken shed, and corral in need of restoration.

Fund raising : corral and chicken shed.

We need to fund raise to bring them back to their original rusticity and beauty . They are intrinsic part of our community and reforestation project.

Here you have a taster of the lush beauty of the tropical forest fauna and flora coming back to the land at the farm.

Native orchid and ferns
Cristina Eastwood Fashion and Humanities

Ant Eater - Tamandua Bandeira- a frequent unexpected visitor during our expeditions to pick wild raspberry on top of the mountains
Cristina Eastwood Fashion and Humanities

Bromeliad grow wild all over the woods in the farm

Anthurium and Estrelizia under the mango tree.

Native orchid.

Lírio do Brejo - highly scented native plant from the marshes that grow prolifically also on the borders of the Brooks.

Bambú can be seen in the background.